The brands we create aim to captivate. The more people are engaged and thinking about your business, the more likely they will be to choose it.


Our branding effectively communicates the stories of our clients, growing trust through the familiarity of precise and potent imagry.


The holistic approach to our design process ensures everything created can either stand alone or support the greater whole of a branding project.


We orient our designs in meaning making. This ensures our creations leave lasting impressions on the hearts and minds of those that matter most.



“The best experience I have had yet working with a creative team developing our branding and website.”

Luke Whetstone
Owner, Badger City Auto

“BG Creative is a creative force with ideas to support your vision and the ability to make them happen!”

Shannel Trudeau-Yancey

“BG Creative’s passion for creativity makes them exciting to work with, and their attention to detail assures that the results are exactly what you are looking for!”

Mariah Liisa Holterman
Owner, Mariah Liisa Design

“Brent has an eye for flow. He effectively orchestrates all the elements on the page to come together in a harmonious design that meets the needs of his clients.”

Brittany Hoban
Owner, BH Designs


• modern designs
• visually engaging
• consistent voice
• flexible frameworks
• thought provoking
• precise

Our Work

Please click any of the style guide mockups above to view their full branding explorations. While we can provide detailed references upon request, you can also find dozens of testimonials from a variety of projects that we have worked on here.

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