These testimonials from clients and collaborators that we’ve had the privilege working with. We’re grateful for the kind words these humans have to say about our work. It’s their satisfaction and appreciation that drive our every project:

The seminar I attended fostered an atmosphere in which free expression and creativity were desired and encouraged. As a disabled veteran, I was able to overcome my initial concerns and present my work in a group setting with confidence.


Brent Gerlach and the BG Creative team are amazing to work with. I’ve experienced some of the most detailed communication and follow-through that I’ve ever seen in nearly a decade as a self-employed business owner. If you want to connect with a design team that is relatable, dependable, and have a seemingly unlimited amount of creativity on tap, BG Creative should be your first choice! Highly recommend.


Brent and BG Creative is a powerhouse of creative energy. The events with which I have been a part, have been visually stunning and have been an honor to be included.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brent for years on many endeavors. Truly and honestly can say one of my favorite people to have met and built with. Thank you for your knowledge, kindness and love for arts!


BG Creative did a wonderful job on my website. I had a short timeline and Brent took on the challenge and successfully met my target date. After discussing what I was looking for in detail, he put together a work plan which we reviewed to make sure our respective expectations were clear from the onset. He was very organized, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable. As a result, he was able to ask probing questions and make thoughtful suggestions. As someone unfamiliar with aspects of technology, he had the patience and good humor to explain to me how things work. He provided guidance, technical expertise, and an artistic sensibility as he designed and documented each step of the project. I was very pleased with the final website. Bottomline he was delightful to work with, and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a highly skilled website designer who understands the challenges artists face.


Brent’s been an amazing friend of mine for the past 5 years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with BG Creative several times now and I really could not recommend this company more. Concepts that come to mind are refreshing ingenuity, professionalism, a visionary attention to detail and a passion for bridging the gaps between what is possible to create together as a community. I was commissioned last year to create a wearable crown made of ceramic, glaze, crystal, leather, and real living plants growing out of the many openings of the piece (a wearable art piece for BG Creative’s fashion, dance and art party, SPHERES). It was one of my most interesting commissions to date; being a part of this event was just astounding and inspiring on many levels. It was a synthesis of so many different artist’s talents from such a wide range of disciplines showcased together around a fascinating theme. Haha I am intentionally talking a biiiit vague about it so you will be drawn to go to the website to check out the documentation of the event for your self…. 😉.

I also was recently asked to be the featured March “Creator of the Month” for Brent’s art blog. The series of these artist interviews are all very informative, honest, clean cut, and just beautiful snapshots into each artist’s life and practice. Really looking foreword on collaborating on many more projects in the future!!!! If you have the chance to work with this company I can say with certainty that it is a very good decision.


The best experience I have had yet working with a creative team developing our brand and creating our page.


Attended the SPHERES fashion show and it was one of the most well planned events I’ve been a part of 🙏


BG Creative came through with great website design in a timely fashion. From start to finish, I felt good about working with the team.


We truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with BG Creative and were impressed with their organization skills and attention to detail. They are a great team to work with.


Great experience working with BG Creative!


It’s amazing to know you’re working with a company that really supports its artists along with their clients. I work with Brent and his team every month doing illustrations for the “Creator of the Month” blog. This series of articles showcases new, talented, local creatives and focuses on the importance of bringing creatives into successful businesses. It also encourages creative thought for a new perspective in the workplace.

Professional, confident and organized. I know that each time I work with BG it will not only go smoothly, but will come out looking great! This company should be an inspiration for more creative organizations. These guys support their artists and work right along with them. BG is there every step of the way, working with you to get the best outcome and making sure that the creative spark is always alive.


Brent is not only an excellent communicator and spirited professional, he is also a creative force with ideas to support your vision and the ability to make them happen! He’s top notch!


Working with BG for web design and marketing was essential for my growing small business. Brent listens well, understands what I want and need, and delivers on every single aspect promised, and then some. He’s a GEM and really enjoyable to work with as well.


I met Brent soon after I moved to Madison. I arrived not knowing anybody in the design/development/creative community. Brent’s generous warmth and humor meant the world to me, as he connected me to colleagues, ideas, and inspiration. This is what Brent does. He works from his heart. Add to this his tremendous intelligence, skill, and creative firepower, and you see why he has earned the respect of so many creatives. It is a pleasure to plan, execute, and deliver great projects with him.


Brent is an authentic and creative individual. His dedication and hard work ethic compliments his abilities to drive innovation and originality into the soul of the project. Over the years Brent has inspired me to pursue my own creative business ventures and has not only been a valuable resource for brand identity but also a mentor and friend.


Being sponsored by BG Creative was just the icing on the cake. Speaking with Brent gave me the definite impression that he takes his work quite seriously and appreciates the arts. It’s pretty lit.


Brent sponsors the Queer Pressure Art exhibition at Black Locust Cafe. As an up and coming artist, I am grateful for Brent’s support and opportunity to showcase my art to the public.


Brent helps make “work” actually a fun experience. He’s provides the professionalism of a big wig corporation without all the middlemen and catches. He’s very understanding of businesses – big or small – who are trying to expand on a proactive level, and will provide authenticity and originality to each job. Highly recommended if you want your business to stand out.


Brent was easy to work with. He had hands-on familiarity with web design and was able to give detailed insight of my objective. Challenges were addressed quickly, thoroughly and professionally. The project was completed on schedule. BG Creative exceeded my expectations. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this company a 10 based on performance, content, design quality, ease of use and brand presentation.


Brent does incredible work! I love my website. On top of being very skilled, he brings an insightfulness, creativity, and energy to the process that makes both the experience and outcome that much more excellent.


I’ve known Brent for years, so it was a no-brainer to work with BG Creative when I found out that one of the most creative, authentic, and resourceful people that I know could help my business grow. The best thing about working with Brent is that he sees and respects where you are at in your creative business. He listens and finds out what you need and provides solutions that will work for your creative business without sacrificing your vision.


Brent excels at modern design practices to build unique and captivating websites. I’ve been very impressed with the pixel perfection in what he creates.


I had pleasure working with Brent on several occasions. He’s confident, passionate, decisive and humble – all qualities that make him a great leader and an amazing human being.


Excellent collaborative energy and great creative output!


Brent is a pleasure to work with. He is a creative thinker and strong leader. Brent is known for creating one-of-a-kind events with ease and flare!


From the first moment I met Brent I could see his passion, authenticity and genuine care for the the relationships he cultivates. He is a phenomenal connector within the community and has been an endless source of support for me through brainstorming sessions, coaching and, most importantly, a deep knowing that he is rooting for me and my company to flourish.


Brent and I have collaborated on several creative projects, working on branding and visual identity. Brent’s passion for creativity makes him exciting to work with, and his attention to detail assures that the results are exactly what you are looking for! It is clear that Brent is dedicated to creative problem solving and successful results. He is a friend and a pleasure to work with!


Working with Brent gives me life! He helps me to connect my creativity to a larger purpose and when that happens it is magic!


Besides Brent’s natural eye for the aesthetic, he tends to believe in your idea/art/business more than yourself. Moving you past self doubt and helping you take the dream to the next level.


Besides Brent’s natural eye for the aesthetic, he tends to believe in your idea/art/business more than yourself. Moving you past self doubt and helping you take the dream to the next level.


Brent has an eye for flow. He effectively orchestrates all the elements on the page to come together in a harmonious design that meets the needs of his clients.


There are some people that just really don’t get it; Brent isn’t one of them. He has an almost supernatural ability to convey ideas through visual aesthetics like few others I’ve met.


Brent is one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to finding creative, engaging ways to help support and expose local artists and their work!

Sit down with him for 5 minutes and you will realize how grounded, focused and simply intelligent he is!

I have and will continue to support any event or project this organization puts together. Keep up the great work!


Brent walks the walk and has been instrumental in the successful work DABL – an annual visual art event within Dane Arts. I welcome the opportunity to continue working with Brent who is driven to create a more inclusive community.


Brent is a patient, compassionate and inspiring leader who has a natural ability to bring people together. He is overflowing with vision and passion, and he also knows how to take action and get things done. That’s a rare combination.


Brent is a loyal, committed worker with a very specific vision that allows him to oversee large projects from start to finish. He has an infectious enthusiasm towards creative work that inspires others around him to want to collaborate and work together.


Brent is detail oriented, creative, and inclusive when curating events.You can always expect events to always be cohesive and professionally done.


Brent is incredibly organized and seems to never miss a detail. Time and task management is on point, and he has great marketing and communication skills. Pretty sure this guy could herd cats if you asked him to.


Brent is a profoundly efficient and innovative organizer. It is each time an honor to work with such a remarkably passionate and sincere human.


Keep Creating

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