There are a lot of different design and digital agencies swirling out there in the Universe, many of which provide top notch web design, branding, and marketing services – much like BG Creative. After stepping back to assess the landscapes of our industries, we decided to take another unconventional approach when it comes to promoting our services. We made a game out of it.

It tends to carry an unsavory feeling, randomly reaching out to potential customers and peddling services without relational context. While we love meeting new people and helping to solve problems that grow businesses, the global market is just so saturated with talent that it’s sometimes hard to stand out or garner peoples attention. We thought a form of entertainment that familiarizes people with what we do might help to cut through some of the noise.

Over the past year, BG Creative has been conceptualizing a group of five magician characters that each represent the different services we provide:

Web Design
Event Production
Other Services

While the characters themselves are pretty neat on their own, conceptually based on the sacred geometries of Platonic Solids, BG Creative needed to come up with a fun way to share who they are and what they do. That’s where the Fun Hunt comes in.

Five illustrations were created where each magician is depicted in its creative environment. Within each of these illustrations, seven objects were hidden for people to find (i.e. a scavenger hunt). The idea here is that people who participate in playing the game are able to get familiar with the different services BG Creative offers. As you’ll notice, many of the objects are pulled from aspects of popular culture. However, there are a few that might be somewhat obscure, so you may need to hop on your favorite search engine to figure out what they are.

Since we’re awarding people with a pack of five die cut stickers that find all 35 objects, we wanted to make it a little bit of a challenge for people to complete the Fun Hunt. It should be noted here that while the stickers will be mailed for free to anybody in the United States, winners residing outside of the US may need to pay shipping. If anybody has questions about how the Fun Hunt works, there is a Q&A at the bottom of the page where the game is found.

You’re also more than welcome to send us an email.

The First Edition of Fun Hunt is more-or-less a pilot of what we’ll be further developing. There is also an analog version that will be put into print and circulated someday. There’s also a bigger graphic novel/comic idea that’s slowly coming together, of which these magician characters are the foundation of.



Now, for some of the more technical nuts and bolts of what we’re up to with the Fun Hunt 🙂

In additional to providing people with an entertaining way of getting familiar with BG Creative, the game itself is a tool that helps enhance the SEO of this website by creating…

More Traffic

There are numerous BG Creative social media channels that are driving more traffic to the Fun Hunt. This helps to enhance the SEO of this website because search engines like Google and Bing recognize that this website has more authority than other websites that are not getting as many visitors. The fact that people need to stay on the website to complete the Fun Hunt also helps because it lowers the overall bounce rate when they visit. Social media marketing campaigns will also be leveraged, like boosting content on Facebook that will direct people to the Fun Hunt.

More Content

If you didn’t know, content is king when it comes to SEO. Every image and every character within a website’s copy has a harmonious role to play in a website’s SEO. Meta descriptions, key word phrases, alt tags, and even titling and formatting files properly, every bit of a website’s content helps to establish what its SEO ranking will be according to search engines like Google and Bing. The more dynamic content is, the better, which having subsequent Fun Hunt editions will help with. More illustrations will be added as new Fun Hunts are created.

More Linking

The linking structure of a website influences its SEO. For example, almost every time the Fun Hunt is mentioned in this post it is linked to the page that the Fun Hunt can be found. Likewise, the Fun Hunt page is linked to each of BG Creative service pages, and each of those service pages is linked to the Fun Hunt. Search engines like Google and Bing recognize more sophisticated linking structures as having more authority when it comes to SEO. We are also using the Fun Hunt as something that other websites can backlink to, which will help to boost our SEO and strengthen our link structure.

These are just a few examples of how the Fun Hunt ties into the broader SEO strategy that BG Creative has implemented. There are so many nuances when it comes to SEO, but this should help you understand how we’re thinking about the bigger picture.



When we say we provide “creative” services, we mean it in every respect of the word. The Fun Hunt is one of many examples of where BG Creative puts what it promotes into practice. Whether or not you become a client – or refer one, it’s all good. We hope anyone that comes across the Fun Hunt finds a little time to kick back, relax, and maybe even learn a thing or two. It’s a chill way to pass the time on a bus, train, plane, or when you’re sipping a fancy latte at your favorite local café, or unwinding with a group of friends and a micro brew

If you haven’t already clicked one of the links, you can find the Fun Hunt here 😉